Keep it real

” I’d like to think of myself as a real, down to earth person with an honest and grounded grip on reality. I don’t use technical jargon that will make your head spin and like to keep life and web design as simple and hassle free as possible. If it can be done, I’ll do it. If I can’t, I’ll tell you that too and help you find the best solution forward.”

Make it fun

Of course there is a serious element to life and business but why not make it fun and enjoyable wherever possible? I like to inject good vibes into everything I do so let’s make our experience working together as enjoyable and positive as possible.

Gabriella Lewis
Website Designer

Gabriella started working in Web Design 5 years ago. Her passion for it developed over time as she started to build websites for her own therapy businesses. As the web design bug set in, her skills and abilities rapidly expanded and she is now a proficient designer. Previously working for other web design companies she has now stepped out on her own.

Having run her own therapy business for the past 5 years she understands the needs and restrictions that are faced as a self-employed or small business owner. Also from a visual and creative background she studied Acting, Dance and Music at The Urdang Academy in London. Her driven and positive personality can help keep the design process focused, harmonised and on track.

She has a fun, friendly and happy vibe and is also a qualified Reiki Master, Massage Therapist & Reflexologist and has a passion for meditation and yoga.

Honesty & Trust

It’s the foundation of any healthy and lasting relationship, whether it’s in business or otherwise. Transparency is key so if your project requires skills that are beyond my reach, I’d be more than happy to recommend someone better equipped to deliver the best possible product for you.

It would be easy to say ‘yes’ to everything to close the deal, however I understand that the best way to deliver the best possible service for you means knowing my skill set and giving you 100% of what I’m good at.

Your Experience

At Good Vibes, I believe in delivering not only great products but great service too. I strive to make the whole experience of working together as positive and easy as possible.


Good communication is key when working together and I aim to use clear, friendly, approachable and professional communication with my clients.