301 Redirect

This is a permanent redirect – a change of address for a web page.

404 Page Not Found

This happen when a page on your website cannot be found or has been moved to a new address. The error message then displays on your screen.


This is the term used for the incredibly complex program and code used for search engines like Google for SEO purposes 0 they are changed and updates all the time!

Alt text

This is the alternative text or description shown when you hover over a photo on your website.


Google Analytics is probably the best known version of this – a program that gathers information & data on your website for you to help you improve it and help you with your SEO.

Back Link

A link to a page within your website from another external website.

Brochure Website

Quite simply a brochure website is exactly what you’d expect, it’s like a fancy flyer to show off how great your business is to potential new customers
or clients.


A crawler, robot or spider – a computer program that crawls and searched the web to gather information about websites.


A Content Management System is a system so that you can edit your own website without having to be a website developer.


This is the actual text and copy of your website – the words!

Domain Name

This is your website address or url – it’s what visitors will type in to find your website e.g. www.goodvibeswebsitedesign.co.uk – your websites identity.

Ecommerce website

A site dedicated to the sale of products that are either virtual or physical – Ebay is an ecommerce website.


This is where your website lives! We offer UK based cloud hosting with daily backups and stable and secure servers for your website.

Indexed Pages

The pages within a website which have been indexed by a search engine

Keyword/ key phrase

This is what an internet user types into google or a search engine to find a service or topic they are looking for. e.g. ‘web design buckinghamshire’

Landing Page

This is the page that a user finds within search results or a page specifically created for a demographic to land on for a promotion etc.


That thing you click on that takes you to another part of the website or an external website.

Microsite website

A small website that you can grow in time – otherwise known as a “mini-site” or perhaps “landing/squeeze page” that has a unique URL.

Responsive design

It’s a website that will automatically re-size, re-organise and adapt your websites content and images for optimum viewing on the device being used.


This is how potential visitors to your website can find it online organically using a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Site Map

A page within your website that shows and links to pages within itself.


Also referred to as a website address e.g. www.goodvibeswebsitedesign.co.uk