3 things to know before you build your website

What your competition is

Finding out what other businesses in your sector are doing online can be a great starting point to help you decide where you need to start with yours. Keeping an eye out on competitors can give you the chance to be one step ahead and offer something unique to potential clients. This is also a great help to give your web designer examples of sites that you like the look of or specific look/feel/functionality you are looking for.

Decide what your budget is

One of the most common questions any web designer gets asked is ‘how much does a website cost?’…this is a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’. Web Design costs vary hugely depending on the company/agency you are working with as well as the requirements you have for your website. But as a rough guide, the more bits and pieces you add to it, the more expensive it gets.

So the easiest way to get started is to set a budget for yourself. What are you comfortable spending? But be realistic, you probably won’t be able to get champagne on a beer budget. If your budget is tight that’s no problem, you can get started and then build on your site as your business grows.

Decide on branding/colour scheme

One of the trickiest parts of launching a new website is deciding on areas like look/feel/colour schemes. If you already have a logo or branding for your business then I’d recommend keeping this continuity through your website. However if you don’t, finding the right shades of colours can be tricky. Leaving these decisions to your web designer or letting them pick your images and graphics isn’t ideal. Whilst they can make recommendations on what works well (and I am happy to do so) ultimately you know your business better than anyone else and the final decision should be yours.

Be as specific as possible, ‘Green and Blue’ is open to huge interpretation. Find the exact colour you’re after and give it to your designer. Trust me, it makes an enormous difference to your website in the end.

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