content management system web designWould you like to be able to edit & make changes to your own website? 

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The perfect way to reduce your website costs long term is by using a CMS system so that you or your colleagues can add, edit or change your website content easily. Having a website that rarely gets updated isn’t ideal, however updating your website shouldn’t be a daunting or scary task either – let me make it simple for you.

What is a CMS website?

A CMS website, otherwise known as a Content Management System is a website that allows authorised website users to maintain their own website without needing to be a website developer or having web design skills.

All you need to do is login to the admin area of the website and you will be able to add text, pictures etc with ease. This system works much like Microsoft Word so that you can format text and pages simply.  If you are confident using Microsoft Word, then you would have no difficulty using a Website with a CMS.

I also offer training if needed on a 1-2-1 level to take you through the process and ensure you are confident to proceed with whatever you need for you website.

What are the benefits to a CMS website?

A CMS website provides you with long-term reduction in website and maintenance costs and allows you to have multi level access to a variety of users if required.

The ability to add, update or change content regularly on your website keeps not only visitors interested and engaged but has fantastic SEO benefits to help search engines improve your rankings.

Good news alert!!!

All my websites come with a fully integrated CMS system using WordPress software so if you ever decide you’d like access to the CMS I can provide it for you.

You don’t have to be a website designer to be able to update your website with Good Vibes Web Design.

If you find that a task is too daunting for you, just give me a call or see our website management service and we’d be happy to help you implement any changes needed.

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