ecommerce web designWould you like to sell products or services online directly through your website? 

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An Ecommerce website is the way to create an online presence for your products and help engage and sell to an online market via your website in a secure and attractive way.

Understanding the importance of how products are presented is key to encouraging your visitors to purchase your products. We can incorporate a range of tools so that you get the most out of your website. From user-friendly navigation to shopping carts, sleek design, up-selling and cross-selling etc.

Features you might like:

  • Manage products & pricing
  • Discount/voucher codes
  • SEO features
  • 1Fantastic designs and layouts that are inline with your branding
  • Responsive design so that customers can buy on mobiles & tablets
  • CMS so you can run your shop with ease
  • Accept payment with Paypal, Online payments & Credit Cards
  • Track visitors with Google Analytics
  • Marketing features to boost sales
  • Add shipping charges by weight, flat rate or order values
  • Cross selling
  • Up selling
  • Automated customer and seller email notifications to track orders and stock levels
  • Stock control and management
  • Customise your products & categories
  • Manage product reviews

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