responsive web designWould you like your website to be responsive & mobile friendly?

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All our websites are built using responsive design as standard so they automatically adjust and resize to fit devices such as mobiles, tablets & desktops as well as a variety of website browsers.

What does Responsive Design mean? 

Simply put “responsive” design means that your website automatically responds, resizes and adapts to the platform or device that it is being used on. The old way of achieving this would have been to create separate desktop and mobile versions of your website. These days creating one website that is responsive across the board is often best.

This is a fast-moving area of the web with the number of people viewing websites, browsing the internet and shopping using hand held devices increasing daily – so give them the ultimate browsing experience and don’t miss out on potential leads!

Want to make an existing website responsive?

Times have changed. Users no longer just sit at a desk on a computer to view your website.
It’s true… Website users now expect to be able to view any website on any device. If they try to access a website that doesn’t display correctly, cuts off the screen or isn’t easy to read or navigate they will quickly lose interest and move onto the next website.

Do you have an existing website that isn’t responsive and mobile friendly? Let’s turn your non-responsive website into a responsive one. This can be fairly quick and easy to achieve, depending on your websites previous setup and build process.

Don’t get left behind

New devices and platforms are being released monthly and the number of users online is set to continue to grow and expand so why not future proof your website now?

Did you know? Having a website that is built using responsive design also gives you an added benefit for SEO and Google. They changed their algorithm on 21st April 2015 to give responsive websites priority over non-responsive ones.

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