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I also offer a range of website services to suit your needs. If you don’t have an existing website we can do some of the technical stuff for you which includes setting your website up for you, giving your website a home, providing you with support and maintenance, updating content for you and help with security.

I’ll help guide and support you so that you stay in control of your website and don’t get caught up in unnecessary monthly or hidden fee’s.

Website Hosting

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Do you need hosting for your website? I can help you set up and choose fast, reliable and secure hosting providers that are UK based and have great office hours. They specialise in hosting WordPress websites using UK based cloud hosting with regular backups on stable and secure servers and do the job better than I ever could!

Domain Names

domain names

I can help you register a domain name – where you register your domain name can have an impact on your websites performance and also ensure it’s all set up well. I can suggest the best companies I have found for this and help you choose a great domain name that holds not only marketing clout but also helps with SEO if appropriate for your business.

Support & Maintenance

website support and maintenance

Once you have launched your website the next big thing is to make sure that your maintenance and security stays paramount. Keeping the software and functionality up to date and secure is key to it’s longevity and success. I can either do this for you or teach you how to stay ontop of it in a training session.

Website Management

website management

Whether I have built your website or you’ve worked with another developer, I offer website management with regular content updates, blog posts, text changes, added functionality etc to keep your website up to date and relevant.

Anything else? Just ask

need anything else?

Would you like some help with another website service not listed here? Just ask, the chances are if it’s WordPress related I can help you or if not I’ll try and suggest a good route to take!

Would you like some help managing your website?

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Whether your website has been built by me at Good Vibes or elsewhere, as long as it’s a WordPress website I can help you update and manage your website. Many of my clients love this option as it means they can spend more time on the areas of their business that they are good at and enjoy and leave the all the website updates and content changes to me.

I can implement additional information or content changes as and when you are ready.

Some areas I can help you with include:

  • Changes to content
  • Photo or graphic updates
  • Uploading pages or posts
  • Adding or removing products
  • Changing prices, promotions and stock levels
  • Adding PDFs or other files
  • Changing design
  • Adding forms or updating them

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